KQRZ 100.7 & 96.7 FM

YOUR BUSINESS can help make KQRZ radio the best it can be by Advertising on our Stream and becoming a KQRZ Underwriter on the radio!

Below, is a brief introduction on how your business can advertise on the stream and air spots on KQRZ 100.7 & 96.7 MHz.

What is Underwriting?

KQRZ is owned and operated by a local nonprofit amateur radio organization, i.e.: “The Oregon Amateur Radio Club” (OARC). Since the club is nonprofit, we are not allowed to air “commercials” due to FCC rules. Like the Public Broadcasting Stations, PBS, we can solicit support from “underwriters” to help pay for our operational expenses through sponsoring.

We are allowed to acknowledge contributors on the air. The FCC says this must be for identification purposes only and not promotion. This is known as underwriting. We do have to be careful not to make underwriting spots sound like an advertisement.
We cannot mention items such as these, below:

  • Price Information - “Joe’s Sandwich Shop” - home of the $5 foot long”
  • Calls to Action - “This program is brought to you by Joe’s - come try our new sandwiches”
  • Special Inducements - “This program is brought to you by Joe’s - come in today and get a free beer with your bag of chips”
  • Qualitative Language - “This program is brought to you by Joe’s - the BEST sub in town”
KQRZ Radio – Underwriting Rates
Term General Underwriting
3 Months Includes: 5 spots
(5 per day & 1 spot 12 – 6 AM)
6 Months
1 Year

We have found that the best way to get your message across is to simply email us a brief paragraph/description of your services and we will draft a script for your review.

Procedural Steps:

  1. Select the above plans that you are interested in and email us what you are interested in
  2. We will trade emails discussing content you want in the spots. Include a short description of the information that you want to convey. i.e.: what you specialize in, services you provide, etc.
  3. We will draft up preliminary underwriting text what will be read on the air and email back to you for approval
  4. Once approved, we will have the spot professionally voiced and produced
  5. We will email you an MP3 audio copy for your approval

Web Stream Advertising

Since KQRZ does have a stream presence, that form of promotion doesn’t not fall under FCC rules. Therefore, there is more leniency on the graphics we can use. The basic plan for this is to enable advertisers to promote services in two locations, noted below in the picture as Zone A and Zone B.

  • The space shown in the photo below labeled “Zone A” is reserved for the clients who currently sponsor underwriting radio spots who also want to support the station further by paying for web-site advertising. These clients get a reduced rate from those clients who advertise the space allocated in “B” below. Artwork dimensions for this advertising space is 300 x 250 pixels.
  • The space shown in the photo below labeled “Zone B” is reserved for clients who just want to advertise on the web-stream, but NOT underwrite on the radio. Artwork dimensions for this advertising space is 728 x 90 pixels.
  • Sponsors who advertise in “Zone A” can also advertise in “Zone B” at half the rate of that advertised in the Table further below.
  • The artwork used in both Zones A and B will have links that take web stream listeners to your website or any other desired URL you want them directed to.
Zone A, Zone B

General Car Radio Coverage Map Below.
Web Stream Coverage is World Wide

General Car Radio Coverage Map